When Do Kids Learn Colors?

If You’re Worried About Your Little One Learning Colors, Read On To Learn When Should Kids Know Colors

Are you often plagued by the question, when do kids learn colors? Color recognition is a crucial part of kids learning. Identifying colors and their names help children develop their visual and cognitive skills. It helps them communicate better by learning to describe and categorize the things around them. So it’s natural for a parent to be worried about when do kids learn colors.

Every parent wonders about their child’s well-being and development. Everything they do makes the parent wonder if the child’s development is on the right track. You have a thousand questions in your mind. You want to know if your child is growing up well or needs some help. One such thing that parents constantly worry about is when do kids learn about colors.

At what age do kids know colors? When should your toddler start learning about colors and shapes? Knowing when do kids learn colors will also help parents assess their child’s development and plan activities to teach them. Read on to learn more about when do kids learn colors. 

So, When Do Kids Learn Colors?

Now that we know how important recognizing color is, let’s find out when do kids learn colors. Identifying colors and shapes are an important part of your child’s early development, which is learning when do kids learn colors is important. Most children learn to see colors in infancy, especially brighter colors. Usually, your baby’s ability to see color develops by the time they’re about 4 months old. You’ll notice that your baby loves bright colored objects. Seeing these bright colors are actually good for your baby, it’ll help them discern colors as they grow up. 

When Do Toddlers Learn Colors?

Are you wondering when do toddlers learn colors? For most kids, their ability to recognize colors develops between the ages of 18 months and 2 years. Toddlers are curious and learning everything about the big world they live in. They’re like little sponges, who will absorb all the information you give them. While they don’t really understand the concept, they’ll be able to tell the different hues apart at this age. 

According to The Centers for Disease Control, a 4-year-old child should know multiple colors. But that doesn’t mean you should force your child to learn them all. When kids learn colors, some kids learn faster, but some others will need some more help and persuasion to learn. If your child can recognize at least two or three colors, you know they’re on the right track developmentally. 

When Do Kids Learn Colors: Ways To Teach Children About Colors

Now that you know the answer to when do kids learn colors and at what age kids should know colors, you’ll need to learn how to help your child learn about colors. The world is full of colors, which makes it easier for your child to learn the different colors. However, different hues of colors and their names could be confusing for a child. Start with the primary colors, this will help your child identify the different gradients later. Here are a few ways you can help when kids learn colors.

  • Primary colors: When kids learn colors, it’s best to start with the basics. Let them learn to recognize the primary colors first. If you start with all colors, the several different colors on the gradient might confuse them. Try princess coloring pages to help your kids know about colors.
  • For example, start by placing two red toys in front of your child. Explain that the two objects in front of them are toys and the color red describes both the toys. Repeat this activity with the other primary colors until your child knows them all.

  • Sorting toys: Sorting is a great way to introduce your child to the world of colors. You will want to start with the primary colors again when kids learn colors so that the child doesn’t get confused. Take 3 large boxes and label them red, yellow and blue. It also helps if the boxes are also in the same colors. Spread a few red, yellow and blue toys in front of the boxes. You can start the game to help your child. First pick up a red toy and put it in the red box, then pick a yellow toy and put in the yellow box and finally put a blue toy in the blue box. Now ask your child to sort them according to their color.
  • You can gradually add more colors to their painting sessions as they learn the names of more colors. Coloring activities are a great way to help children learn about colors. Alphabet coloring pages are a great tool to help children learn colors and learn the alphabet as well.

  • Colors around them: The world around us is a kaleidoscope of colors, so you won’t need special equipment to teach your child about colors. And you don’t have to worry about what age kids should learn colors. This is a great activity for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners too. From mealtimes to playtimes, there are opportunities to learn about color everywhere. Point out the different colors in their lunch or dinner. 
  • For example, green beans, yellow corn, red strawberries, purple cabbage, etc. Ask your child to name the colors of different objects during playtime. For example: green leaves, blue sky, white clouds, etc.

  • Dressing up: If your little one is particular about choosing outfits and prefers particular colors, your question on when do kids know colors is solved. So, use this opportunity to teach kids about colors when they’re dressing up. Allow your child to choose their outfits and name the colors. 
  • Science experiments: Science experiments like the magic milk experiment and rainbow volcano experiment are a great way to help children learn about color. Additionally, it introduces children to basic science concepts too.

When Do Kids Learn Colors: Things To Keep In Mind When Kids Learn Colors

Some kids may not learn or recognize colors immediately, so you might still be worried about when do kids learn colors. There are several factors that could affect how and when kids learn colors. If you’re worried about your child not learning colors like other kids, consider the different factors that could be hampering your child’s learning. So, here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re wondering when do kids learn colors.

  • Identifying colors: Learning colors might seem straightforward to you, but it’s more than just memorizing the names of colors. Identifying a color is also important when kids learn colors. So, ensure that your child can identify and match the corresponding color when you call out the color’s name. 
  • For example, If you call out the color yellow, your child should be able to put two yellow objects together. 

  • Confusion between object and color: Another thing to keep in mind is you need to ensure that your child isn’t confused between color and an object. This is one of the most important factors you should watch out for when kids learn colors. So it is important to use the color’s name both before and after the noun. Explain to your child that the color describes the object. 
  • For example, If you point at a blue pen, you need to explain that the pen is blue in color. Then tell the child that it’s a “blue pen” and “the pen is blue” to differentiate between the color and the object. 

    Color Blindness: One thing that worries parents often along with when do kids learn colors is if their child is visually impaired. If your child has trouble distinguishing certain colors like hues of green, red and blue, they might have color blindness. But don’t lose heart, you can still help your child learn how to identify colors with some simple tricks like labelling colors. First, you should consult an ophthalmologist to get a confirmed diagnosis and recommendations on how to cope with it.

Don’t Fret About When Do Kids Learn Colors

Each kid is different and they learn at different paces. So don’t fret about when do kids learn colors or what age kids should learn colors. Start teaching them about colors early, but don’t push them. Let them gradually understand what colors are before they name the colors. As they grow, their exposure to colors increases. They’ll naturally learn about them when they hear and see more colors.

We hope this solved your question about when do kids learn colors. Check out  Learning colors for toddlers that’ll help your toddler learn about colors.

Frequently Asked Questions on When Do Kids Learn Colors?

When Do Kids Learn Colors?

Colors are one of the most interesting topics that kids love to learn. However, kids learn and understand colors by the age of 18 months and above. And, a few might start recognizing colors quite early and some might take time identifying colors. Hence, engage kids in coloring activities when they reach 2 years.

Ways to teach kids to learn about colors?

Here are some ways to teach kids colors. Firstly, teach them the names of colors and ask them to say the names randomly. Later, you can ask them to sort the candies according to the color code and ask the child to get an orange ball or identify a red car.

What Are The Benefits Of Kids Learning Colors?

It is a well known fact that kids usually have a dilemma in recognizing colors and objects. Hence, when kids learn about colors, they get a clear picture of what is a color and what is an object. Also, they begin to recognize colors easily.

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